With over 35 years of combined experience, we know a thing or two about shifting seasons. From starting and growing thriving businesses, raising babies, moving a bazillion times, and enduring dramatic shifts in our entrepreneurial journeys, we have paved a way for success on our own terms. We have built businesses that reflect strong leadership and even stronger relationships and we know how to help make that possible for other entrepreneurs too. From day one, we built our businesses around our personal lives, not the other way around. The result? Businesses that could navigate and sustain the changing seasons of life. So much so that while most were closing their doors, 2021 was the most successful year of business for us both in our individual businesses. 

We are business coaches who help entrepreneurs expand their offers, generate more revenue, and build businesses that last through all seasons of life! 

We're Corry & Melissa

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P.S. Corry is based in coastal North Carolina and Melissa is based in bulldog country (Athens, Ga)

There's no "what's next?!" until
what's in front of you works. 

When life changes, business does too. Unfortunately, many businesses are set up without a life-first business strategy in place. If your business is not built on a firm foundation ready to weather the changing seasons, you’re going to find yourself scrambling to pick up the pieces every time the wind blows. 

Maybe you’ve experienced a season of storms. 
Maybe you’re weathering one right now. 
Maybe you’re raising babies or sending them off to college.
Maybe you’re taking care of aging parents.
Maybe you’re reinventing yourself and starting over.

OR…maybe you're the happiest you’ve ever been but you’re afraid if you slow down you’ll lose it all. No matter what life looks right now we want you to know that there can be success and joy after the storm.

" The difference between failure and success can be one decision. "

We’re on a mission to help business owners run wildly successful businesses without compromising the integrity of their lives. The Business Reboot provides small businesses a framework to help diversify offers, generate more revenue, and increase meaningful impact.

We believe if you can fall in love with the BUSINESS of your business, you can thrive no matter what season you’re navigating. You’ll find the fear will diminish, flexibility will be present, and you will be able to recognize opportunity when it comes knocking. The goal is FREEDOM in your business...and we know exactly how to help you find it! 

The goal for your business should be to enhance your life, not keep you bound to a desk or perpetually running on all cylinders. We are the mentors you need in your corner to challenge your mindset, structure your strategy, and help you make more money in your business so that you buy back your most valuable commodity...time.  

That's us...but what about your story?

You don’t have to tear down the business you’ve worked so hard to build EVEN if you’re struggling through a difficult season. Sometimes all you need is a little reboot. Once you pull away the broken pieces and repair what’s no longer working, you can set your business up in a way that supports you no matter what the storms send your way.

You can't know where you're going if you aren't even currently sure of where you are. We believe vision (long term and short term) are vital to the growth of a business and we will challenge you to untangle the cords in how you currently operate so that you can allow yourself to dream bigger than ever before...and actually be able to make those dreams a reality. 


You don't have to spin your wheels on social media or feel like you are throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to get your information out there. We help you navigate your processes, figure out when it's time to outsource, and provide insight from decades of experience to help you get yourself in front of the right  people  for your offers. 


We are convinced that relationships are the differentiator in growing your business to the point of expansion. We help you structure your offers so that it creates an elongated client journey that's focused on retention with intention. Build it for them and keep them there.  

Client  Journey

Just because it's FOR sale doesn't mean it WILL sell. We help you build out offers that make sense and dollars, respond to what your clients are asking for, and solve problems for your clients that only you can solve. 


You can't grow if you don't have mental or physical capacity to do so. We help you analyze the current season in your business AND in your life to determine next steps and set realistic expectations for where you are going and how you're getting there.


Increasing revenue is key because it fuels everything... from providing time to generate new ideas to reaching more customers, hiring great people, and keeping the business thriving and moving forward. Simple answer, we help you make more and spend what you have more effectively.


We believe that the foundations of your business are built on these 6 principals and our job is to help you elevate each one of these for even greater impact. 

A few of our specialties...

I'm ready!

Ready to get off the roller coaster of auto-pilot and reboot your business?

Let's link arms and get this party started!