Maybe your business isn’t struggling but if you’re making money hand over fist and lots of clients are coming in the door but you haven’t had dinner as a family in months, it can throw everything out of kilter. Or maybe you have a steady flow of new clients coming in the door and you’re making money but your offers could be elevated a bit and really up your income game. Maybe you are ready to take next steps and need some extra help figuring out what's working. Maybe you don't even recognize what's working and what's not but you know something is disconnected and needs to be fixed...

Ready to dig into your business and look growth in the face? Our quarterly workshops are geared to help you stay motivated, engaged, and empowered all throughout the year!

Being an entrepreneur can feel like learning to ride a bike while building it. Whether you’re in the new building phase or the rebuilding phase, we are offering support in a way that will meet you where you are, help you assess what is working and what isn’t, and give you the tools to navigate every pivot you can imagine!
Join us for our next workshop April 30th, 2024! 

It's never too late in the game to press start.


Carrie P.

"I've valued the reassurance that I don’t HAVE to offer everything everyone requests us to offer… I don’t HAVE to do everything at once. And I can build in time off to avoid burnout and protect my marriage, fuel my work properly, and have longevity of business. I'd recommend you two 1000x over to everyone I know. 

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Built Workshops are $127 each and include the virtual workshop, accompanying tangibles and pdfs, and a video recording of the workshop itself so that you can rewatch it as much as you need for 30 days after! 

*Purchasing multiple workshop seats at once is available at a discounted rate. 

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