Episode 80: Mastering Social Media for Sustainable Business Growth – Insights from Jillian of Set Sail

In today’s dynamic business environment, establishing a strong presence on social media isn’t merely a tactic—it’s a necessity. We’re delighted to share invaluable insights gleaned from a recent conversation with Jillian Lister, the founder of Set Sail marketing agency. This enlightening episode delved into the intricacies of generational consumer behavior, the evolving landscape of workforce values, and the undeniable impact of authentic engagement.

Understanding Your Audience: Key Tenets of Effective Marketing

Jillian’s emphasis on audience understanding lays the foundation for a comprehensive marketing strategy. By leveraging social media analytics, businesses can craft content that deeply resonates with their target demographic. In an era saturated with digital noise, authenticity emerges as the key differentiator in capturing audience attention.

Crafting Your Business Rhythm: Enhancing Productivity Through Structure

This conversation with Jillian shed light on the untapped potential of a well-structured business routine. We all underscored the importance of establishing a rhythmic workflow aligned with individual efficiency, emphasizing autonomy and effective time management. Because hello…we all have a TON of shiz going on and need to be as efficient and effective as possible!!!

Branding and Format Consistency: Establishing the Authenticity Benchmark

We also chatted about the importance of maintaining brand consistency across social media platforms. In the digital realm, reflecting the vibrancy of in-person interactions is paramount. We shared our thoughts and insights into format challenges and the creative process highlighted intricate art of content development.

Outsourcing for Optimal Performance: Leveraging Specialized Skills

The discussion highlighted the significance of strategic delegation in achieving business excellence. Recognizing one’s limitations can amplify overall performance, allowing us as leaders to focus on our strengths while entrusting specialized tasks to experts. It’s time for most of us to outsource at least one part of our businesses. Building a team…either in house or on a contractor or consulting basis is imperative for business growth!

Emerging Trends and Platforms: Navigating the Evolving Social Landscape

Jillian shared valuable perspectives on navigating emerging social media platforms and trends. Her advice? Rather than chasing every trend, choose platforms deliberately. Identifying the most suitable channels for your audience is paramount, with a focus on video content and strategic platform selection.

The episode featuring Jillian went above simple strategic discussions, delving into the human aspect of business aspiration. Amidst the metrics and tactics, authenticity emerged as the driving force behind sustained success. This engaging conversation provided a roadmap for genuine business growth in an increasingly digitized world. We encourage you to tune in to the Business Reboot Podcast for further insights into refining your brand and propelling your business to new heights.

Jillian’s Bio:

Jillian is the founder and CEO of Set Sail Marketing Agency, a dynamic firm specializing in organic social media growth strategies. With a degree in Fashion Textile Management from North Carolina State University, where she concentrated in brand management and marketing, Jillian has cultivated a diverse background in both small business and corporate America. Inspired by the challenges faced by small business owners during the pandemic, Jillian launched Set Sail in 2020 to meet the growing demand for digital marketing expertise, particularly on the Crystal Coast.

Driven by a mission to empower businesses in navigating the complexities of digital marketing, Set Sail embodies innovation, connection, and passion. Under Jillian’s leadership, the agency has helped over 100 small businesses thrive, earning recognition for her expertise through speaking engagements at conferences, podcasts, and webinars. Beyond her professional pursuits, Jillian is dedicated to her community, serving as a board member for the Carteret Community College Foundation, a board member of the Carteret County Chamber of Commerce, and volunteering for local nonprofits. She enjoys a fulfilling personal life with her husband, Patrick, and their son, Wright, indulging her passions for travel, literature, and coastal living. Jillian’s impact extends beyond her business achievements, earning her recognition as a Local Role Model in the Carteret Curated People’s Choice Guides by MCKRE in 2022 and 2023.


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