Episode 82: The Power of Buildable Offers: Creating Lasting Customer Relationships

How to Leverage Buildable Offers for Long-Term Business Success…

In today’s competitive business landscape, creating offers that resonate with your audience is crucial for long-term success. In the latest episode of the Business Reboot podcast, we delve into the concept of “buildable offers” and the profound impact they can have on fostering lasting relationships with customers. Buildable offers involve breaking down products or services into modular components that customers can combine or customize according to their preferences. This not only meets their specific needs but also encourages them to stay engaged with a business for an extended period. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the key takeaways from the podcast episode and provide insights into leveraging buildable offers to cultivate meaningful, long-lasting customer relationships.

The Essence of Buildable Offers

We emphasize that buildable offers are more than just add-ons; sometimes it looks like creating tiered offers, then customers can find something that is a solution that meets their unique needs. This approach gives customers a sense of ownership and relevance, strengthening their bond with the brand. Furthermore, this not only enhances customer satisfaction but also lays the foundation for nurturing enduring relationships with the business.

Leveraging Customer Trust

In this episode, we also underscore the significance of trust in the customer-business dynamic. When businesses offer buildable solutions, they are essentially acknowledging the trust customers place in them. As a result, the focus should not solely be on increasing sales but on genuinely serving and solving customers’ problems. By placing customer needs at the forefront, businesses can solidify their credibility and further instill trust, effectively laying the groundwork for continued, long-term engagement.

Avoiding Short-Sighted Goals

We really emphasize the importance of not letting short-term goals lead to short-sighted focus. While immediate sales are important, businesses should strive to look beyond the immediate transaction. Instead, we must strive to develop offers that foster a prolonged relationship with clients, ultimately benefiting both parties. This forward-thinking approach not only adds value to the customer experience but also positions your business for sustained growth.

Creative Exploration of Opportunities

To create exceptional buildable offers, it is essential to think creatively and explore unique opportunities within the business model. You could look at your existing products or services and identify ways to break them down into smaller, customizable elements that customers can combine according to their preferences. Maybe it looks like adding on Voxer support or maybe it’s adding on an additional amount of final images to the package they selected, maybe it’s a hair color and cut but they can add on an additional conditioning treatment as the winter cold really dried their hair out. Or maybe you own a lawncare company and your clients are on monthly retainers but as spring is coming in, you also offer up a twice a year option to clean out their flower beds and remulch those areas….that’s an addition to the normal lawn care that you do for them. Or maybe it’s to put out their fertilizer and weed protectant twice a year. There are so many ways you can create new opportunities to offer what you know your clients and customers really need. Also, looking beyond your industry for inspiration can offer VALUABLE insights into how unique offerings can help in maintaining long-term customer engagement. OOOhhhh….we are often too close to our own industry and our own genius. When we look at what other industries are doing to serve clients or create offers or generate a pipeline of ready customers…or even their brilliant marketing…we then can adapt those ideas to our own industry and then we stand out even more because we aren’t doing what everyone else around us is doing!!!! OOOOh that’s an entire podcast episode there!!!! Be an Outlier!!!! Do it different!

Expanding Service Offerings

An effective way to implement buildable offers is by expanding service offerings. By diversifying the range of services businesses can empower customers and it adds value to the customer’s journey but also presents opportunities for businesses to cultivate new revenue streams and strengthen customer loyalty.

The concept of buildable offers holds significant potential for businesses seeking to establish enduring relationships with customers. By fostering trust, avoiding short-sightedness, and embracing creative exploration, businesses can create offerings that resonate deeply with their customer base. Leveraging buildable offers provides businesses with a powerful tool to not only meet customer needs but to also prolong customer engagement, ultimately leading to sustained business success.


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