Episode 93: Unlocking Success: Overcoming Self-Sabotage to Make Business Easy

Unlock Your Full Potential by Letting Go of Overwhelm

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Today we’re diving into what holds so many entrepreneurs back: self-sabotage. Spoiler alert: it’s usually us making things way harder than they need to be. So why do we do this, and how can we shift our mindset and strategies to make our business endeavors simpler and more satisfying? Let’s walk through this together.

Recognizing the Cycle of Overwhelm

Has there ever been a time when you sat down to accomplish a task only to be bombarded by a relentless feeling that you must be forgetting something crucial? Melissa vividly recall the months she spent recovering from the high-stress cycle of being a wedding photographer. Even when she had time to relax, her body reacted as if it were still in that high-anxiety environment. This made relaxing hard and that stress cycle begins to take its toll on your body and your mind.

Similarly, Corry shared her own experience with the “Saturday scaries” during her teaching days. She found herself habitually going into work on Sunday afternoons, rationalizing it as a way to get ahead. The reality was that she was missing precious family time and starting her weeks already exhausted.

We’ve identified some common denominators here—overdoing it, the never-ending cycle of busyness, and the perfectionism that consumes us. But recognizing the problem is the first step to breaking the cycle.

Here are a few more ways that we’ve found helpful in releasing the self-sabotaging tendencies we once had:

Strategy 1: Stop Taking Clients That Aren’t the Right Fit

This is a big one. We’ve all had that gut feeling telling us that a potential client may not be the right match, but what do we do? We sign them up anyway. This almost always leads to stress and extra work. If you’re a service-based business owner, paying attention to those red flags during initial conversations can save you endless headaches later. Ask us how we know this…and how many years it took us to listen to those gut instincts?!?! haha

Strategy 2: Position Yourself How You Want to Be Seen

We often talk about showing up for the job you want, not the job you have. This principle applies to your business as well. How you present yourself can hugely impact how potential clients and collaborators perceive you. We have long focused on being helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable without inflating our own significance. This has built our brand identity and helped us attract the right people.

Strategy 3: Don’t Chase Every Opportunity

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Remember those Instagram takeovers that seemed like such a big deal? Most of us found that the return on investment was minimal. Spending time on opportunities that don’t align with your goals can detract from your meaningful work. This ties back to the importance of discernment when opportunities arise. Save your Yes’s for the BEST Yes’s!!!!

The Importance of Gratitude

Lastly, let’s talk about the simple yet powerful practice of gratitude. When you stand in gratitude for how far you’ve come, it opens the door to more positive experiences. When you’re grateful, it’s like you’re expanding your capacity to receive more goodness. Your business journey, much like life, will have high and low tides. Appreciating each phase can help relieve those feelings of overwhelm and self-sabotage.

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Ease

Our final piece of advice to you is to stop letting the “yeah buts” interfere with letting things be easy. You control this narrative. Punishing yourself with over-complication doesn’t make your success more legitimate. Our culture often glorifies hustle and grind, but we believe in something different. 

We are passionate about helping you grow, scale, or pivot in your business while generating more income and finding fulfillment. If you’re struggling to find this balance and overcome your self-sabotaging tendencies, we’d love to chat. Be sure to check out our link below to set up a discovery call.

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Till next time, keep striving and remember—it gets to be easy!


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