Episode 73: Using Data to Audit Your Business

Today, we’re beyond excited to dive into the world of data-driven business strategies with a very special guest, Carrie Power, the mastermind behind Currahee Movement Collective. So grab your favorite beverage, cozy up, and let’s uncover the secrets to business success through the lens of data!

Featured Guest: Carrie Power of The Currahee Movement Collective and Currahee Womens’ Wellness

Joining us today is Carrie Power, an expert in using data to meet community needs and shape business strategies. Carrie’s journey from identifying market demands to scaling her brick-and-mortar business is a testament to the power of leveraging data for growth.

In this Episode, We Covered:

  • Starting a business based on community needs rather than personal preferences.
  • Using client feedback and community insights to refine business offers and services.
  • Adapting and evolving business strategies based on data analysis and market trends.
  • The importance of expanding services to meet emerging needs, such as incorporating physical therapy.
  • Fine-tuning promotions and offers by analyzing data, as exemplified by the Run Ready Run Club’s Black Friday deal.
  • Carrie’s journey into entrepreneurship and her motivation to address unmet needs in her industry.
  • The role of data in shaping business offers and services, including gathering insights from client feedback.
  • Addressing the need for physical therapy and expanding services to meet growing demand.
  • Tweaking promotions and offers based on data analysis, illustrated by the Run Ready Run Club’s experience with their Black Friday deal.
  • Carrie’s vision for the future of Currahee Movement Collective and the Women’s Wellness brand over the next one, three, and five years.


Thanks for joining us in this enlightening conversation about the power of data in business auditing and growth. Remember, understanding your audience and market trends can guide you towards success. Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration on navigating the entrepreneurial journey. Until next time, keep hustling and embracing the data-driven path to success!

Carrie and The Currahee Movement Collective:


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