Episode 75: Creating Boundaries in Your Business

Interview with Allison Eady, Founder of Allison Eady Photography

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs! Welcome back to another empowering episode of our podcast. Today, we’re thrilled to have Allison Eady, the brilliant mind behind Allison Eady Photography, joining us to share her invaluable insights on creating boundaries in your business. In this episode, you’ll learn how to establish loving boundaries for a thriving business and a fulfilling life!

Featured Guest: Allison Eady

Joining us today is Allison Eady, the talented photographer from South Carolina who has reshaped her business inside and out, specializing in Wedding and Senior Photography.

In this Episode, We Covered:

  • Establishing Boundaries: Learn the importance of setting boundaries in your business to maintain a healthy work-life balance and prioritize what truly matters.
  • Shifting Offers: Explore how pivoting your offers can streamline your business and allow you to focus on what brings you the most fulfillment and success.
  • Financial Boundaries: Understand the significance of charging your worth and letting go of clients who are not a good fit, leading to higher-paying opportunities and increased confidence.
  • Business Vision: Gain insight into Allison’s vision for her business in the coming years, including plans for growth, expansion, and creating a team to better serve her clients.
  • Allison’s journey as a photographer and her dedication to serving her clients with her unique gift and artistry.
  • The evolution of boundaries in Allison’s business, from establishing work-life balance as a single mother to setting clear expectations with clients for a better client experience.
  • The strategic decision to refine her offers by removing certain services, allowing Allison to focus on her core strengths and passions.
  • The importance of financial boundaries and knowing your worth, illustrated by Allison’s experience of letting go of a client and booking higher-paying opportunities as a result.
  • Allison’s ambitious business goals for the next one, three, and five years, including reaching six figures, expanding her services, and building a team.


Thank you for joining us on this enlightening journey with Allison Eady. Remember, establishing boundaries in your business is not only essential for your well-being but also crucial for your success and growth. Stay tuned for more empowering conversations and insights to help you thrive as a female entrepreneur in 2024 and beyond. Keep shining, keep setting boundaries, and keep building the business of your dreams!


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