Episode 85:  Creating Businesses in Your Second Season of Life

Thriving Entrepreneurship After 40: Harnessing Wisdom, Experience, and Passion for Second-Season Success

Episode 85: Creating Businesses in Your Second Season of Life

Picture flipping through the pages of a book filled with experiences, lessons, and the promise of fresh starts. That’s exactly what we’re diving into on today’s podcast episode.

On this week’s episode, we chatted about something really special – the vibrant world of entrepreneurship after 40.

The Power of Seasoned Boldness

We kicked things off by talking about the power of seasoned boldness. Yep, you heard that right! With age comes not just wisdom, but a certain boldness that’s pretty hard to ignore. As women over 40, we’ve weathered life’s storms and come out stronger on the other side. We’re not slowing down; we’re gearing up for new adventures with all the experience we’ve gained.

Defining Retirement, Redefining Success

Now, retirement might sound like something in the distant future, but trust me, it’s not what it used to be. It’s more like a playground filled with opportunities waiting to be explored. And guess what? We’re redefining success on our own terms. It’s not just about the money; it’s about the impact we make and the lives we touch along the way.

The Clarity of the Forties

Entering our forties brings a newfound clarity that’s pretty amazing. We’re shedding all that indecision and focusing on what truly matters to us. It’s a time to blend our strengths with our passions and create businesses that reflect who we are and what we stand for.

Strategy and Mindset: The Pillars of Growth

Now, let’s talk strategy and mindset – the keys to growth. We’re all about giving you practical tips you can use, from doing market research to taking care of yourself along the way. And hey, let’s not forget about the power of language. The words we use shape our reality, so let’s make sure we’re speaking with intention. Speaking powerfully over and about your business…be bold with your words and don’t play small in this season of life and business.

Cultivating Resilience and Embracing Change

Resilience and change? They’re our best friends. By embracing a growth mindset and seeing challenges as opportunities, we’re unstoppable. Whether you’re starting something new or giving your current venture a boost, age is just a number – and it’s definitely not holding us back.

Lastly, we’re urged to view challenges as opportunities. By nurturing a growth mindset, embracing change, and prioritizing passions, second season entrepreneurs are poised to not just thrive but flourish.

Oh, and before we wrap up, we want to leave you with a little reminder. You’ve got all the wisdom you need right here, right now. We want you to hear our message loud and clear… age is not a barrier; it’s a launchpad for the next great business adventure. It’s time to believe in yourself and rewrite the rules of entrepreneurship. Let’s make an impact, together.


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