Episode 86: Breaking Through Imposter Syndrome: Empowering Female Founders

As we were reflecting on the powerful conversations we’ve had on The Business Reboot Podcast, we were compelled to delve deeper into a topic that struck a chord with so many of us—imposter syndrome. Those nagging doubts that creep in, questioning our abilities and accomplishments, can be particularly persistent for women over 40. Yet, we’re here to dismantle those fears and empower you to stand tall in your entrepreneurial journey.

Recognizing Your Achievements:

One essential mission in overcoming imposter syndrome is acknowledging how far we’ve come. For us, this meant digging into our past and realizing the first seeds of entrepreneurship were planted much earlier than we previously credited. Like Corry’s flashback to her makeshift preschool in Japan, these are the moments that shaped our entrepreneurial prowess—even if we didn’t title them as such at the time.

Our message to you is this: Don’t gloss over the stepping stones that led you here. Whether it’s the business you started in college, the projects you spearheaded, or the lives you’ve touched—let every success bolster your confidence.

Setting Realistic Expectations:

Perfectionism can tie us in knots, rendering us motionless for fear of making a mistake. But as Melissa reminds us, the products that sell are the available ones—imperfections and all. The journey of entrepreneurship is packed full of learning opportunities, and it’s in the messiness that we often uncover our most valuable insights. Set goals that challenge you, but remember to leave room for the human element of growth and error.

Continual Learning and Growing:

If there’s one truth universally acknowledged in the business world, it’s the power of continuous learning. Staying up-to-date with industry trends and investing in skill development boosts our stature as experts in our field. It ensures we never become inflexible with outdated practices, and it allows us to serve our audiences with cutting-edge strategies and innovations.

Seeking Support and Community:

Let’s be real—going it alone is a herculean task that few can sustain over the long haul. Finding a support system, whether it be a network of peers, mentors, or a trusted coach, can make the difference between floundering in self-doubt and soaring to new heights. Sharing your feelings with others can offer not just comfort but perspective and a push in the right direction.

A personal revelation for us was acknowledging the need for coaching—even as seasoned entrepreneurs. Everyone benefits from a sounding board, and a coach can provide tailored guidance that aligns with your vision and goals.

Taking Action Despite Doubt:

Lastly, the antidote to imposter syndrome is action. Yes, it’s terrifying. Yes, you might falter. But motion breeds confidence, and with each step forward, you’ll find those doubts shrinking in the background. Break down tasks into manageable steps and focus on consistent progress. Celebrate the small wins—they accumulate to build a fortress against the tide of insecurity.

Final Thoughts:

So where do we go from here? Our journey is one of constant evolution, and having crossed the threshold into our 40s, we now face a new set of challenges—but also a treasure trove of wisdom to draw from. Our upcoming workshop, “Working Smarter, Not Harder,” promises to arm you with strategies to make the most of smart systems and AI in your business.

If you’re ready to navigate past imposter syndrome and into a space where your experience truly is your superpower, join us on this transformative venture. Never forget: The story you’ve crafted through years of trials, triumphs, and transitions is your unique blueprint for success. Let’s reboot together and step into the next chapter with confidence.


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