Episode 88: Q & A: Questions from our Community

Navigating Family, Finances, and Freebies: Insights from The Business Reboot Podcast

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Hello, friends!! This week on The Business Reboot podcast, we dive deep into the challenges and victories of running a business. We tackle the tough questions from our community in this latest episode. And some of the key topics we covered are, sharing more insights into managing business tasks, dealing with family responsibilities, and maintaining integrity in pricing and finances.

Setting Boundaries with Clients and Pricing

As a female founders, one of the frequent challenges we face is handling requests for free services. It’s crucial to remember that our services have value, and it’s important to respect that value ourselves before expecting others to do the same. From our discussions, the consensus is clear: setting parameters early on, directly asking for clients’ budgets, and steering clear of trades or discounts with friends help maintain professional boundaries and a healthy business.

Transparency and honesty have paved the way for us in our journey. Establishing clear boundaries concerning pricing and availability with clients have not only bolstered our business’s foundation but also built lasting, respectful relationships.

The Emotional Battle: Marital and Parental Guilt

Both of us have grappled with guilt when our business commitments pull us away from family. We’ve laughed over the comedic mishaps and shared the pains of missing out on family time. We’ve learned that effective communication and mutual understanding are our greatest tools against this guilt. By involving our husbands more in what we do, we’ve turned business trips into opportunities for togetherness, strengthening our bond. In this episode, we share several stories of how we’ve navigated this guilt in different seasons of our life and businesses and how it changes from time to time.

We both believe it’s important for our children to see us pursuing our passions and managing our responsibilities diligently. This exposure not only teaches them valuable lessons about work ethic and integrity but also about managing life’s balancing act. Um hello…they will one day grow up to have jobs or own businesses of their own and we want them to have seen strong, healthy examples of what this looks like and how we have managed to make it all work…and for them to see how we fix it when it isn’t working so well.

Mastering Money Management in Business

Talking numbers may not be the sexiest part of running a business, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most crucial. We share about how Corry’s realization about overspending led to a transformation in her business approach, focusing on being upfront about her numbers and keeping herself accountable. Similarly, Melissa’s mantra has become about directing every dollar with purpose—making money an asset, not an adversary. And no…she isn’t crying in the accountant’s parking lot at tax time anymore!

Investing in tools like Flodesk for email marketing and seeking advice from business coaches have also been game changers in our journey. These resources have helped us not only to stabilize our financial footing but to also scale our businesses effectively.

Looking Forward: The Business Reboot Retreat

We’re beyond excited for our upcoming business reboot retreat in Athens, Georgia. This event is designed to be an intimate gathering where learning and implementation occur simultaneously. With coaching and real-time feedback, this retreat is an opportunity to reset and rejuvenate your business strategy alongside like-minded entrepreneurs.

Running a business while juggling family responsibilities and personal values isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Each challenge is a stepping stone to greater success and personal fulfillment. Through our podcast, we aim to share these experiences to empower you, our wonderful community of female founders. Remember, every day is a chance to reboot, refine, and rejuvenate your business and life. Join us on this journey, share your thoughts, and let’s thrive together!

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