Episode 89: The Evolution of Growth with Dixie Bagley

Interview w/ Dixie Bagley: How Embracing Authenticity and Trusted Business Techniques Can Propel Your Entrepreneurial Journey

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In this week’s episode, we were thrilled to discuss some intriguing topics with Dixie Bagley, a serial entrepreneur with a knack for authenticity and strategic business planning.

Authenticity in Business: Dixie’s Way

Reflecting on our recent conversation, Dixie’s journey into the entrepreneurial world shines a light on the power of authenticity. Beginning her career under the shadow of an accent she feared would undermine her professionalism, Dixie made the pivotal decision to embrace her Southern twang, her true self. This leap into authenticity wasn’t just about accepting her voice; it was about presenting her genuine personality to the world, proving that authenticity can indeed be one’s greatest asset in business.

We can’t stress enough how this resonates with so many of us. Showing up as our true selves isn’t just freeing — it becomes our unique selling proposition. Speaking to all you entrepreneurs out there: don’t shy away from your quirks; they might just be what sets you apart in a crowded market.

The Partnership of Life and Business

A major theme in our discussion was the crossovers between personal life and business ventures. Dixie’s story of transitioning from a frustrated preschool teacher to an energetic gym trainer underscores a fundamental truth: our careers are not static, and they can intensely reflect our personal growth and desires. And also…her support system, exemplified by her husband Lee, provided a backbone for her business ventures. This partnership highlights that understanding and support from personal relationships are critical in nurturing business success. 

For anyone on the entrepreneurial path, remember this – your personal evolution will often parallel your business growth. Keep those around you informed and involved. Their support could be the catalyst for your next big leap.

A Calm Approach to Crisis Management

One of Dixie’s strengths, which she detailed passionately, is her ability to stay calm and troubleshoot during crises. Her role during the COVID pandemic, creating the Southern Wedding Collective, was a testament to her adaptability and leadership. Her initiatives not only supported her own businesses but also extended a helping hand to other wedding professionals struggling during the crisis.

To all business owners listening: take this as a lesson in resilience. When faced with obstacles, look for creative solutions that can benefit not just your business but your community and industry.

Reading and Continuous Learning: Tools for Growth

A surprising yet delightful revelation was Dixie’s love for reading, a habit she shares with both of us…although Corry has 7 books going at all times and Melissa might be looking for the cliff notes versions…hahaha. Juggling multiple books across various platforms, Dixie uses reading as a technique for self-improvement and business mastery. Her eclectic reading habits are a reminder of the continuous learning needed to stay relevant and innovative.

We say this all the time, embrace learning, be it through books, podcasts, workshops, or other mediums. The landscape of business is ever-evolving, and keeping up-to-date with new information and skills is indispensable.

Wrapping up, we invite all of you to reach out through our Instagram or visit our website for more enriching discussions like the one with Dixie. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries, embracing our uniqueness, and supporting one another on this AMAZING journey of entrepreneurship.

Remember, every conversation, every read, and every challenge is a stepping stone to your next business breakthrough. Keep striving, keep learning, and stay authentic. BE YOU…there’s no one else like you out there!!!


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